Dukesa (du|ke|sa) n: Duchess

Dukesa is the Tagalog word for Duchess. Patricia chose this name for her studio as a nod to her family heritage and as a reflection of our commitment to choose grace and beauty in everything we do. 

A visionary with timeless designs, Patricia is a passionate artist who serves fine art wedding professionals.  Inspired by all the beautiful things in life, she has an everlasting desire to always be creating and learning.

Patricia is married to the love of her life, Steven, and together, along with their two beautiful children and Shiba Inu, Oliver call Edmonton, Canada home.

When she’s not crafting artful designs that light up her heart, Patricia can be found sipping on coffee early in the morning reserved just for her and her husband, savouring all the cuddles with her little ones, and (if the stars a align and her kids nap at the same time) shamelessly rewatching Pride & Prejudice (the one Colin Firth of course!) for the millionth time.

Patricia Mari Elaschuk

Founder & Creative director of Studio Dukesa

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Nicole is an invaluable member of the Studio Dukesa team.  She primarily focuses on managing the details behind the scenes and plays an integral role in creating a seamless experience for our clients.

When she is not in the studio, Nicole continues to pursue her passion for art and illustration by independently offering commissioned digital hand-drawn custom portraits. During her down time, she likes to stay in bed watching bad-but-good cheesy movies (you know the ones!) while cuddling her fluffy cat best friend, Sid.


Nicole Dela Merced

Studio Assistant

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You might expect me to tell you how your design experience will elevate your brand and uplift your business to the next level. That we’re here to help you become the go-to name in your niche so you can call in higher-level projects or break into the luxury market. How we’re all about strategy first; design second.

Yes to all of this. Absolutely. 

Branding and design are powerful, intentional tools for positioning your business in the best possible light. 

But it’s also about so much more than that. Your brand design is…

Making your clients feel so cared for and special as they unwrap a hand-embossed letter from you. The way you communicate your style, grace, and expertise with just a glance.  A home for your business where your guests (aka your ideal clients) feel welcomed, unhurried, and seen.  Space for you to share not only your work but everything in your life that’s meaningful to you.  An exhale. An invitation for others to pause their daily rush and appreciate something beautiful. 

Because you’re a wedding professional… but you’re also an artist

Studio Dukesa was born for the entrepreneurs who are building not only a business but also a calling. For those whose work is creating more beauty in the world…because they can’t imagine doing anything less. 

xo. Patricia Mari

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A Note from Patricia

Dear friend,

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