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If you’re not really sure what a brand is, keep reading because I’m going over everything you need to know about what a brand is and why brand design is so important for your small business.

Let’s first talk about what a brand IS. 

Essentially, a brand is your business’ identity.  A brand provides your clients a visual experience through your logo, website, and other visual elements like your marketing material (a wedding stationer’s service pamphlet, for example).  A brand also creates the overall vibe you want to put out for your business and that’s done through things like your mission statement and the client experience you provide.

Where does brand design fit in with all of this and why is it so important?

Brand design is about bringing out the personality of your business with intention. An intentional brand design done right showcases your finest work in a purposeful and unforgettable way.  Brand design is so important because it not only helps you attract your ideal clients, it also weeds out the type of clients you DON’T want to work with (and please trust me on this, that this is a huge deal).

You’re probably wondering how you can achieve all of that just through design, right? 

Well, by thoughtfully incorporating just the perfect balance of colours, typography, patterns, illustrations, and photography, you can have visual brand elements that are authentically and wholeheartedly you. Because I’m going to tell you something you already know (but maybe a little nervous to accept it) is that you and you alone are the one-of-a-kind detail that will set your business apart from everyone else. 

In the upcoming weeks, I am so excited to show you how brand design can help represent the very essence of your business and help align your business towards your biggest goals!

x. Patricia

What Exactly Is A Brand and Why Is Brand Design So Important For Your Business?


Mar 7

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