Everything I do in my brand is meant to attract the clients I want to work with.

The images I use, the colour psychology, every design element, and the words I speak. It still stops me in my tracks every time this all falls into place and an ideal client reaches out to me. It’s almost this surreal, “pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming” moment!

There is no better feeling as a business owner than being completely aligned with the work on your calendar, trusted by your clients, and appreciated for the value you deliver.

Branding is beautiful like that.

Often, business owners seek out a rebrand because they want to raise their prices and take on higher-end projects.

This is so possible for you! And it all comes down to one thing: Your ideal client.

At the end of the day, you can have the most gorgeous website, words that flow, and a swoon-worthy logo you adore. But if it doesn’t connect with the people you want to work with? None of it can take your business to the next level.

That’s why branding is all about your clients. How you serve them and making sure they feel seen and cared for.

If you’re wondering if your business could benefit from a rebrand, ask yourself the following 4 questions!


1. How well do you really know your ideal client?

I’m not just talking about their demographics. It’s deeper than that. What are their ambitions? What drives them? Do they prioritize ease, quality, or price? Have you ever asked them to find out?

Going through a rebrand will help you gain so much clarity on the exact people you want to work with and how your business can draw them close.


2. Are you already serving your ideal client?

If you answered “no” to this question, that’s completely ok! There are so many wonderful possibilities ahead for you, and your dream clients are out there. I guarantee it!

A rebrand is the perfect way to uncover this ideal client and position your business in a way that resonates with her.


3. Do your current clients see your business in a way you’d like them to?

Are you the “go-to” person for what they need? Do they come to you because they want to work with only you?

Rebranding is all about refining your business from your client’s point of view.


4. Do you receive referrals and recommendations for the right reasons?

What are clients saying about you when sharing with their colleagues? Is this what you want to be known for? Are people coming to you for help with the kinds of projects you want to work on?

One of my favourite parts about branding is the clarity it gives you around the work you’re meant to do and who you’re meant to do it for.


I hope these questions helped you see what’s possible for your business and how your brand can help you serve the clients you want to work with!

If you have any questions about rebranding, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and let me know how I can help.



If you’re ready to refine your brand’s presence and bring the value of your creative work forward

This corner of the studio is for you, sweet friend! You are so, so incredibly talented and worthy. Your brand and website are meant to help you shine even brighter. So when clients find you, they’ll know you’re not just one choice but the only choice for who they want to work with. To begin the conversation and learn more about Custom Brand & Website Design, please inquire below. I am so excited to chat with you soon!


Ask yourself these 4 questions to find out!: Do you need a rebrand?

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Oct 5

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