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I had the honour of designing Jenny’s branding and website, and I am IN LOVE with the final result! Jenny is a South Dakota based copywriter serving female CEOs worldwide through goal-driven content strategy with value-based storytelling & heart. Jenny and I met in early 2021 through our mutual friend Jamie because I was looking for a copywriter. Later that year, I hired Jenny to write my website copy. Hiring Jenny was one without a doubt one of the BEST decisions I’ve made for me and my business (I also made an amazing, kind-hearted friend along the way).

While discussing my website copy, we began to chat about her wanting a complete brand and website makeover (in Jenny’s words a for-real grownup website), and we booked the project! Jenny’s old brand and website created a level of frustration for her because she wasn’t always matching up with her ideal clients. She wanted her new brand and website that reflected the level of attention, care, heart, and knowledge she delivered to every single one of clients.

It’s always such a treat designing for a friend. Because not only did I know Jenny personally but I also knew her audience and her offerings well since I’ve invested in her services too! This really helped me envision the perfect brand and website design for her.

The end result is a new brand and website that is simple, welcoming, and joyful. We wanted it to feel like you’re coming home. The design is light and airy with hints of personal touches that hold a lot of meaning for Jenny. Like the pasque flower in her logo design. Not only is that the state flower of South Dakota (where she’s from) but she also has fond memories of her and her daughters picking pasque flowers in fields. My favourite page of Jenny’s entire site is the Email Copy page. As someone who has invested in Jenny’s services designing this page seriously made me want to hire her again (and you better believe I did!). As a copywriter, Jenny had a lot of beautiful and intentional words she wanted on her site. I wanted to create a design that supported her words and one that really invites her visitors to explore all the wonderful things she has to offer. Now, let’s dive in to hear what Jenny had to say about our partnership!

A Design Q&A with Jenny Roth Copywriting!

What’s your favourite part of your new branding?

Everything! I look at my brand and see the best version of myself, or at the least what I hope my business to be. It feels joyful and welcoming and professional at the same time. I also totally loved the wholehearted brand homework Patricia gave me to uncover who it is I want to work with, what I love about my business and what I do, and how I can put that all together. For me, that homework was truly life-changing, and if I had done that alone I would have felt like I did at least one very important thing right. Service-based business owners will know what I mean! It is so easy to lose yourself in all the noise. You can get caught up in what everyone else is doing and start doubting if you really do stand out, if what you do is enough, if there is anything really valuable in it at all. Going through that homework was like lifting a veil. I can now see what I do in such a new light, and how it is totally not just like everyone else. And I feel proud of this tiny (but mighty in its own right) thing I am building.”

What’s your favourite part of your new website?

Again… can I say everything! It feels like me. Same as my brand, my favourite part about my website is that I get to point clients to this space. It was made to welcome them and let them know that no matter what stage of business they are in, having impactful copy and marketing materials for their business is totally possible. I feel like if I can’t personally greet everyone who comes across my business, at least I can greet them with this wonderfully gorgeous and friendly website that was made just for them. It is a huge sigh of relief knowing that now when someone finds my website they are treated with the level of customer care and professionalism that they completely deserve. That the time and dedication I will put into writing their copy is evident from the start.”

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

“It has already changed ME and how I show up and believe in myself and what I am doing. So that in and of itself will impact my business in positive ways forever and ever. It also gives me the confidence to seek out higher-level clients and projects because my brand is now a reflection of the care and heart and value I can create for people. Before my rebrand, that was completely missing!”

Did I successfully accomplish your design goals?

“Absolutely! Completely exceeded anything I would have thought possible for my design. Honestly, I have no idea how Patricia can take what I thought I wanted my business to look and feel like, and what I wanted my clients to experience, and bring that to life even better than I could have pictured. It is amazing to me.

When we got off our first onboarding call I was in tears talking to my husband because I was like “I just got off the phone with someone who has the most streamlined, efficient, organized, caring, thorough customer service & onboarding process ever. It was next-level good!!” And he was like…”Well that’s great, why are you crying?” And I said, “Because my onboarding process is like crumbs compared to that. I have to do better.” Patricia raised the bar for me and what I thought was possible there.

“Working with Patricia, I always knew exactly where we were in the project. I never wondered about dates, deadlines, what was expected of me, or what was coming next. Patricia was so quick and caring to respond to my questions and took this massive undertaking and made it feel achievable. I felt valued, never rushed, and it was super evident that Patricia was putting so much attention and care into every single step.

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If you’re ready to refine your brand’s presence and bring the value of your creative work forward

This corner of the studio is for you, sweet friend! You are so, so incredibly talented and worthy. Your brand and website are meant to help you shine even brighter. So when clients find you, they’ll know you’re not just one choice but the only choice for who they want to work with. To begin the conversation and learn more about Custom Brand & Website Design, please inquire below. I am so excited to chat with you soon!


Copywriter Website Launch: Jenny Roth Copywriting – Custom Brand and Showit Website Design

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