Are you ready to rebrand and have your website effortlessly reflect your vision WHILE respecting your budget in this season of your business?  If so, you’re in the right place, sweet friend! I’m so excited to share this luxury semi-custom brand design and Showit template customization for Sparrow Lane Weddings & Events!

Sparrow Lane is a luxury venue located just outside of Edmonton, AB and has 65 acres of tree countryside ready to welcome their couples!  Sparrow Lane’s founder, Marissa chose a luxury semi-custom brand to compliment her Showit5 wedding event template from the PMC Shop.  Her new brand and website features a sophisticated design and colour palette to showcase the high-quality, personalized experience to expect at Sparrow Lane.  Be sure to visit Sparrow Lane’s new brand and website here!

Let’s hear from Marissa, Founder of Sparrow Lane Weddings & Events!

Which luxury semi-custom brand design from the PMC Shop did you choose for your new brand?

The Madeline Claire semi-custom brand!

What’s your favourite part of your new branding?

I love that it captures our brand in its entirety. From the font selection to the colour palette, it feels authentic to our brand and what we want Sparrow Lane to represent.

Which romantic Showit5 template from the PMC Shop did you choose for your new website?

The Victoria Template!

What’s your favourite part of your new website?

I love how the website is sophisticated, warm, and welcoming all at the same time. The visual aspects tied in with the layout and typography just gives it the professional and stand-out appeal Sparrow Lane strives towards.

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

I feel it is so important to be consistent in what experience you are providing as a brand online as well as in person. By having a brand and website design that aligns with our physical experience we are providing we feel it will elevate the experience our clients have that much more.  Sparrow Lane strives to provide an exceptional experience for our clients that they can be excited about start to finish and having a design that does this completes the circle.

Tell me how your NEW website compares to PAST websites and what has changed?

Our new website is just so much more US. It feels authentic to our brand and aligned with the vision I have had from day one of what look and feel I have and it so perfectly captures that. I feel it is difficult when you have such a specific vision of how you want your brand to look and feel for it to live up to those standards but Patricia did it so amazingly!

Marissa also booked a Refinement Session with me where we worked on her website together to ensure everything was perfect for her launch!

Here’s what Marissa said about the Refinement Session:

I loved being able to have strategic and meaningful conversations around our business and goals with Patricia. Being able to collaborate is so valuable and working with Patricia who could take my vision and breathe life into it was so incredible. 

If you’re on the fence about getting a PMC semi-custom brand deign and website template, here’s what Marissa has to say about why she went with the PMC Shop:

I wouldn’t leave it another day – invest in yourself, your business, and the PMC Shop’s incredible design services. From start to finish it was such a smooth and diligent process. Our brand was captured so beautifully and I felt a weight off my shoulders moving forward with a PMC website and brand design.

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